Prices for Services & Support

Service and support contracts are calculated per month/model


Survey–/Documentation App
49 per month
  • All local data exports available
  • Video–/Photo feature
  • use GNSS-Rover without limitation
  • easy import of points


Enterprise solution for companies
Price upon request
  • Synchronisation of all users and projects
  • automated target tracking
  • Advanced Import Manager
  • cloudprozessing 0,07 € / picture

Expert function

Expected to be available from Q1/2021
Price upon request
  • Building inspection-Tool
  • Architect-Tool
  • Measuring with single images
  • Full-Indoor-Mapping (LIDAR)

Additional services


Extended warranty* and firmware
from €650 per year**
  • Support question weekdays < 24 h
  • free Firmware-Updates
  • Extension of the hardware warranty by 12 months
  • *Please note our valid guarantee conditions.
    **Price valid for Rover Case. Others may vary.

Correction Data

Provider: VRS-NOW
0.12 per minute
  • billing to the minute
  • Intelligent real-time check for availability
  • Pay per use
  • Full NTRIP access

3D-Modelling Service

by an engineering office
from €150 per model
  • Model optimization after cloud processing
  • up to max. 1,500 images
  • data evaluation before processing (20€ – credited to the final price)


€ 850 / Day

plus VAT
The scope of the training is user-defined by the customer and depends on the number of participants.
We recommend a maximum of 5 participants per day.