What is VIgram?


The world's easiest rover

With the ViGRAM-RTK you can measure your position in real time. By communicating with any correction data service, you can achieve position accuracies below 2 cm.

Combine ViGRAM-RTK with the Vigram App (iOS & Android) and precisely measure your construction sites, or simply mark out important points. Vigram RTK combined with a smartphone is the new generation of construction site and measurement rovers.

The latest technology for maximum measuring comfort at a fair price!

Structure from Motion

Our real-time positioning unit is synchronised with the smartphone camera. Use this to acquire high-precision position data from individual images. With the serial image or video function you can easily create accurate 3D models on the desktop or via our cloud service.


By using control points, the models are measured absolutely clean. You are flexible and can select several position and height coordinate systems.

A masterpiece for 3D modelling

Thanks to the versatile sensors used in smartphones and the RTK module, you get precisely scaled models without distortion and without any additional control points. This reduces the manual processing effort by up to 40%.

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Ohne Vigram

Natural distortions and unscaled models make precise measurements impossible.

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The bundle block adjustment runs automatically thanks to the orientation and position data – you get models just as you imagine them.

ViGRAM Functions
The app for municipalities The app for site managers The app for planners ↪ to the functions

The app for municipalities

The app is ideal for recording and measuring road damage with exact geoposition.

You can find the model in Story 7 on our Storyboard.

The app for site managers

The accurate 3D models are easy to create and are suitable for condition documentation and exact quantity determination for billing backfill quantities.

The app for planners

You can document and model small existing buildings and outdoor facilities.

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Combine ViGRAM
with your drone

In combination with a drone you can easily create consistent models, even of difficult to access objects.