Release and Update History

  • Version 0.16.0 – 23.09.2020

    – increased single point accuracy by filtering inaccurate or faulty part measurements

    – Corrected calculation of the height for single point measurements

    – Increased compatibility with new RTK module

  • Version 0.15.0 – 27.08.2020

    New features
    – Improvement of single point measurements
    Possibility of a single point measurement after staking out with reference points
    A description can be added to a single point measurement

    – Advanced Import and Export Formats
    Additional Import and Export Formats
    Faster pix4d calculation start after uploading videos and images
    For the video export you can now choose between 1 and 10 frames per second

  • Version 0.14.0 – 11.05.2020

    New features
    – Import of single points:
    Via "Saved recordings" => "Single points" single points can be imported and exported. Individual points must be present on the device as a .csv file in order to be imported.

    – Stakeout functionality for single points:
    The stakeout functionality can be accessed via the single point acquisition.
    To start navigation to a point, you just have to select it from the list.

    – Adding a spirit level while recording single points

    – Projects can be synchronized between company accounts:
    Accounts from the same company can access each other's projects & measurements to add recordings to measurements from colleagues. The cloud projects & measurements can be accessed and imported by clicking on "Project"/"Measurements" and then on the folder icon in the upper right corner.

    !! Recordings & single points cannot be synchronized !!

    – You can now log out without deleting the recordings as long as you log in again directly with the same account. Projects, measurements, recordings and single points are now only deleted when you log in with another account.

    – Warning, if the memory on the device is running low

    – Performance improvements when opening and playing a video

    – Improved behaviour when disconnecting from RTK module and when disconnecting the NTRIP connection

    Fixed errors:
    – Problems with the server authentication have been fixed
    – Several crashes have been fixed

  • Version 0.13.0 – 06.03.2020

    New features
    – Automated height correction using the laser in the RTK module:
    The height correction for single point measurements can now be measured automatically with a laser built into the RTK module.

    – Use of Crashlytics for rapid detection and correction of crashes.

  • Version 0.12.0 – 18.02.2020

    New features
    – Recording with the help of Augmented Reality possible (beta):
    The new beta feature now allows video recording in rooms without good GPS reception. Computer Vision determines the current position in the room and converts it into GPS coordinates. The feature is still in beta phase, the accuracy may vary.

    – The length and area between single points can be calculated and exported:
    For this purpose, the desired individual points are selected via "Multi-Select" and the calculation screen can be called up via "Done".

    – Multiple images and videos can now be selected for upload:
    In the stored recordings, several images or videos can be selected by using the "Multi-Select" in the upper right corner or by holding down a recording, which can then be exported or uploaded.

    – Several images can be taken directly one after the other:
    Continuous-advance recording can be activated via the app width settings.

    – Images are now taken in maximum resolution.

    – The UI for the connection to the RTK device has been revised.

  • Version 0.11.0 –16.01.2020

    ! Due to the update old recordings can no longer be exported. If you still want to export old recordings, please contact the support !

    New features
    – Upload to Pix4d is possible (beta):
    Newly taken pictures and videos can now be uploaded to Pix4D via the menu item "Upload for further processing".

    – The connection to the Ntrip service is now automatically disconnected after 2 minutes of inactivity.

    – After recording a video, the measurement inaccuracy of the recording can be read out.

    Fixed errors
    – Height deviation for single point measurement was corrected.

    – Exporting the same video with a different number of frames is now possible.

  • Version 0.10.0 – 20.02.2019

    New features
    – Coordinate transformation:
    It is now possible to select in which reference coordinate system the project should be exported when creating projects.

    – Configuration of the calibration:
    The calibration can now be switched off in the menu.

    Fixed errors
    – Resolution of the host name of the correction service:
    In the field "Hostname/IP" when establishing a connection with NTRIP, the http address of the correction service can now also be entered, which is now correctly resolved.