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Documentation in picture and video

Management of measuring points, photos & videos

Single point measurement GNSS-RTK

Measure, Import & Stakeout

Indoor - mapping

AR-Kit and Beacon-Tracking

Project Synchronization

Synchronization of projects within an organization

Data export

Local, Email & Cloud

D-Link for cloud processing

3D models and damage mapping on photos and videos

Vigram BIM

Manage models and projects

The App for

Documentation and modelling of small existing buildings and outdoor facilities

Recording and surveying road damages with exact geoposition

Easy determination of condition documentation and settlement of backfill quantities

The most frequently asked questions

Why? – Because!
without App vs. with App

Natural distortions and unscaled models make precise measurements impossible. Thanks to the versatile sensors used in smartphones and in Vigram RTK, you can obtain precisely scaled, distortion-free models, without additional control points and with little effort. The bundle block adjustment runs automatically thanks to the orientation and position data – you get models as you imagine them.

The app is ideal for intelligent photo documentation and single point measurements. It is a tool for 3D inventory. It can measure single points like a GNSS rover.
The app is suitable for construction companies, road maintenance services, building inspectors, architects, site managers, GaLa builders, and much more.
  • Documentation in pictures with exact positions and orientations
  • BIM: as built documentation and 3D modelling
  • Creation of accounting models
  • Create comparison models
  • Documenting channel and pipe inventories
  • Recording of road & construction damage
  • Building inspections with AI damage mapping
  • Structural testing Integration of DJI drone data
  • Quantity comparisons of two surfaces
  • area survey with single points
  • Layer models
  • Stock surveys
  • Documentation on buildings
  • Create reinforcement models
For a smooth process you need a data SIM card with LTE or faster, access to a correction data service, in-app purchases for special modules (one-time costs), data processing, data export. 
As a matter of principle we do not supply iPhones.
Under standard conditions the following accuracies result: 
At 60 sec.: <2cm
At 30 sec.: <4cm
At 15 sec.: <5cm
At 5 sec.: <8cm