The world's easiest GNSS-Rover –

Your Smartphone!

ViGRAMApp is a tool for documentation in 2D and 3D, which can be used and adapted across all industries. It works through an app in combination with an RTK case, which allows measurements with accuracies up to 2 cm absolute. By simply recording videos, 3D documentation and measurements can be created quickly and precisely. Additional functions for single point measurements such as length and area measurements are possible.

Current News
Vigram for Android is available in the beta version. Contact us to try it out.

> Battery life up to 6h continuous operation
> Improved positioning
> Laser module for convenient single point measurement and stakeout

> calibration in local construction site networks
> Redesign for iOS App
> Various direct export formats
> New import formats for stakeout data
> 3D model viewer

Our real-time positioning unit is synchronised with the smartphone camera. Use this to acquire high-precision position data from individual images. With the serial image or video function you can easily create 3D models on the desktop or via our cloud service.


Hohe Präzision für Messungen in der ViGRAM App

The ViGRAM-RTK improves the positioning of your smartphone, so that in connection with a correction data service you can achieve accuracies below 2 cm.

The Rover version is threaded so that it can be stabilized with a tripod like a classic rover.

The PRO model measures the distance with a laser at the bottom. An extension can be attached to the thread to get further up.